Your Hookah Lounge

Your Hookah Lounge
"Smoking a hookah is nothing like smoking a cigarette...cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run. When you smoke a hookah, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company." (from Ismet Ertep) This personalized vintage art will definitely spark some interesting conversation.

Personalization: One line for top section; five lines maximum for middle section.

The vintage collection is a part of our Art My Way series, for which we offer
- Selection of over 500 exclusive custom artworks.
- FREE instant personalization.
- FREE shipping over $149.
- 100% Money Back Guarantee!

CATEGORY-> Art/Media/Performance -> Art
BRAND-> myDaVinci -> surgeongeneralswarning
STATUS-> instock

Price: 10.00