4moms rockaRoo Plush

4moms rockaRoo Plush
Every baby is a little different, but after you have a few, you start to notice patterns. For instance, Jill at Baby Rabies noticed that while most babies crave motion the same way a grownup craves chocolate, her kids need more : ?They need to be physically bounced, like a basketball almost, to be comforted.? They want what Jill describes as ?an infant-sized trampoline.? They want to MOVE. For all levels of baby motion, from a lullaby-speed motion to the aforementioned trampoline, there?s the 4Moms rockaRoo Plush, which snuggles babies in the softest plushy fabric as it gives them all that soothing motion they love! The rockaRoo is a variation on the popular 4Moms mamaRoo infant seat, with a few changes: � Instead of 5 robotic motions, the rockaRoo infant swing has only one, but it?s a very good one: it moves like a baby rocking horse, back and forth, giving your baby a lot more satisfying motion and stimulation at her head than a typical baby swing. There are five speed settings, so your child can enjoy a slow, gentle swing when she?s dozing off, or really get rocking when it?s playtime! � The rockaRoo Plush is a more compact infant seat, weighing in at about half a mamaRoo at 11.5 pounds. And it?s 70% smaller than the average baby swing, so it?s a perfect fit for a small city apartment. � As with the mamaRoo Plush, the rockaRoo Plush features an even more luxuriously snuggly fabric than the Classic. It also has a cozy reversible infant insert for the littlest rockers, and a three-point harness to keep them safe and secure (the Classic also has these). You can also plug in your mp3 player or phone to give baby some tunes to rock out to, through the built-in speakers; unlike the mamaRoo baby bouncer, however, the rockaRoo has no pre-programmed sounds. And as with the mamaRoo, the rockaRoo Plush baby rocker comes with three cute and colorful toy balls, which you can place over baby?s head or remove, and all fabrics are removable and machine-washable, so baby messes are quite easy problems to solve. Use the 4Moms rockaRoo Plush baby chair from birth until your baby weighs 25 pounds, or until she?s able to sit up independently. The rockaRoo plugs into the wall, so, no batteries!
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