Baby Carrier in Cappuccino by Belle Baby

Baby Carrier in Cappuccino by Belle Baby
Belle Baby Carriers offer direct contact resulting in a a stronger bond with your baby. Eco-friendly baby carriers - Feature organic hemp and cotton canvas and a soft fleece inside liner made of undyed organic cotton and hemp. Comfortable Ergonomic Design - Unlike other baby carriers and baby slings, Belle Baby Carriers distribute your baby's weight to your hips instead of your back and shoulders, and place your baby in a proper, ergonomic position that supports your baby's developing spine. Compact and Versatile - With no extra bulk, Belle Baby Carriers are lightweight, cool in the summer, and easy to stow away. These baby carriers allow your baby to face toward you or away. Simple Baby Carriers - Extremely easy to use without any assistance. A great alternative to a baby sling, the Belle Baby Carrier is ideal for infants 8-30 lbs. Made in the U.S.A. - Made in Colorado of luxurious, strong polyester or 100% Organic fabrics, with stylish colors for both mom and dad. A Celebrity Favorite - Enjoyed by iconic celebrities who demand the best for their babies. Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie have been photographed using Belle Baby Carriers. Other Features : Ideal for babies 8 lbs - 30 lbs Baby can face toward or away from you Allows for direct contact and discreet nursing Comes with a detachable head support panel. It is useful for larger newborns who need a little more head support and for older babies who fall asleep in the inward facing position. Lightweight, detachable and made with the same fabric as the carrier. Designer: Belle Baby Carriers Shipping Time: Quick ship. Ships in 1 to 2 business days.
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