Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail

Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail
How much a kid moves around in his sleep is very individual: some kids sleep like logs, while others may wake up sideways in bed, or even upside-down. One mom on Babycenter describes her son?s sleep style as resembling a Roomba: ?Have you seen how it gets to the edge... waits for a sec and turns around? He does the exact same thing. He rolls around... if a hand or foot or head drops over the edge, he rolls in the other direction!? Most kids don?t quite have those Roomba instincts, though, and that?s what bed rails are for! The Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail provides a firm wall to keep your busy little sleeper safely in place, and adds the gentle glow of a nightlight for reassurance as well. The Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail is made with sturdy, lightweight aluminum, and is covered in removable, washable fabric so it?s not cold and hard to the touch. The center of the railing is lined with breathable mesh, which also makes it easy for your child to see out and for you to see in. The nightlight is powered by LEDs, which use very little power, and are lit by a USB-rechargeable battery; just plug the Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail into the wall for a few hours, and a full charge will last for a few days of normal use. To save power, the nightlight also automatically shuts off after half an hour, at which point your child is presumably asleep (and if not, it?s easy to turn back on with the touch of a button). The light can face in, out, or up, so you can orient it the way your child prefers. Finally, when the family is traveling, the Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail can come along to provide safety and reassurance in hotel rooms or at Grandma?s house: it even comes with a travel bag! It?s easy to fasten to any bed with straps that attach to the bed?s box spring. The Babyhome Side Light Bed Rail measures 12? x 5? x 12?, and is suggested for ages 18 months and up.
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