Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board with Seat

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board with Seat
The more skills your toddler learns, the more eager she is to practice them: feeding herself (a boon for the dog, who enjoys cleanup), dressing herself (usually good, sometimes problematic if you're in a rush to leave the house), and walking alongside the stroller to differentiate herself from her little brother, who is ?just a baby?, while your toddler is a ?big girl.? However, little legs get tired, and no matter how much she enjoys trotting briskly alongside you, sometimes your child needs a rest, and that's where a wheeled board for your stroller comes in. The new Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board with Seat provides luxury accommodations for a second, bigger passenger on your stroller, letting very grown-up toddlers "ride their skateboard" or plop down on the detachable seat. Not using the seat? Just click it off and toss it into your stroller basket. It's easy to attach the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board to your Bugaboo Donkey, Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Cameleon, or Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller with the appropriate adapter (sold separately) - it's just two clicks! - and the board can be folded up or detached when it's not in use. The adapters are also designed to attach on either side as well as the middle, so you can buy yourself a little bit of strolling space by moving your adapter three inches in either direction. The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board with Seat is designed for older toddlers and preschoolers, and can hold a child weighing up to 50 pounds.
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