Butterscotch Blankees Custom Chevron with Banner Blanket with Off White Bone Base

Butterscotch Blankees Custom Chevron with Banner Blanket with Off White Bone Base
Custom designed and handcrafted, these personalized blankets are decorative, practical and makes the perfect gift for infants and older children alike. Take home this beautiful chevron print blanket that is not only soft, but will have your child's name or initials on it with our custom process. Butterscotch blankees are proudly made in the USA and made from 100% acrylic, and will never fade or shrink. Blankets are 36" x 53" Customizing conditions- Please read carefully: We can not use special characters such as quotation marks, periods, dashes, accent marks, number, "&", etc. Only Letters, 1 name only. Limit 8 consecutive letters. No 2 names, no spaces in between names. No two capital letters in one name in mixed case. If Product Description states Initials: Initials will be placed in the order you have entered (not in monogram form). If Product Description states Initial: this means we only can use One (1) initial on that particular design. (If more than 1 Initial is entered on order, we will by default change the order and only put the first initial entered without notification.) If Product Description states Monograms: Monograms, 3 Letters only, are always all uppercase, First, Last, Middle initials, with the center letter (last name) larger than the first and middle initial,(with exception of the Poncho, and Stacked Monogram, Monogram is First, Middle, Last). In order to minimize mistakes, Please enter/type the monogram, and/or initials in all Capitol Letters on the order (please do no use lowercase letters).
CATEGORY-> Gifts/Specialty -> Baby/Infant
BRAND-> Butterscotch Blankees
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