Classic Sea Cultured Pearl Ring

Classic Sea Cultured Pearl Ring
Our sterling gold and silver pearl ring brings out the best in your personality. Exhibiting elegance and simplicity, it makes a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. Features: Available in Sterling silver and Sterling Gold. Polished Finish. Available in different sizes. Weight (14K White/SIZE 7/12.00MM CIRCLE): 3.085 DWT (4.80 grams). Weight (14K White/SIZE 6/12.00 MM CIRCLE): 2.877 DWT (4.47 grams)). Weight (14K White/SIZE 8/12.00MM CIRCLE): 3.387 DWT (5.27 grams). Weight (14K Yellow/SIZE 7/12.00MM CIRCLE): 2.985 DWT (4.64 grams). Weight (14K Yellow/SIZE 6/12.00 MM CIRCLE): 2.877 DWT (4.47 grams)). Weight (14K Yellow/SIZE 8/12.00MM CIRCLE): 3.458 DWT (5.38 grams). Weight (Sterling Silver/SIZE 06.00/ 12.00MM CIRCLE): 2.343 DWT (3.64 grams). Weight (Sterling Silver/SIZE 07.00/ 12.00MM CIRCLE): 2.53 DWT (3.93 grams). Weight (Sterling Silver/SIZE 08.00/ 12.00MM CIRCLE): 2.795 DWT (4.35 grams). Gift Ready! Comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. $DESIGNERLINK$ Shipping Time: Ships in 1 to 3 business days.
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