Clek Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag

Clek Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag
With the Clek Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag , your Foonf can fly! This roomy, ultra-padded travel bag makes it easy to take along your Clek car seat, so your child can enjoy the comfort and safety of her Foonf convertible car seat or her Oobr booster seat both at home and abroad. The Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag easily fits the Foonf, the rebound bar, and a wedge, with room to spare for other items you?ll want to bring along on your vacation! You can use the Clek Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag in two different ways to make it easier to travel with your car seat: Pack up your Foonf Convertible Car Seat or Oobr Booster Seat in the Weelee bag and check it at the gate; the terrific padding ensures that your car seat will arrive at its destination in one piece and ready to use! Use the Weelee Bag to wheel your Foonf Convertible Car seat through the airport, and then take the Foonf right onto the plane ? it?s aircraft approved, providing your child with her own properly-sized harness and comfy seat on the plane! The Clek Weelee Car Seat Travel Bag features a telescoping handle, a luggage ID tag, and easy carrying straps; it also folds flat for easy storage. When you?re not using it, the Weelee Bag folds flat for storage.
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