Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier 2014

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier 2014
Parenting advice comes in every flavor, from tried-and-true to completely absurd. We love reading the wacky advice parents got from old books and older relatives: the breastmilk of an angry woman causes colic (circa 1916)! Don?t feed your baby at night, or he?ll become a Communist (circa 1962)! Blow cigar smoke into your baby?s ear to cure ear infections (according to someone?s grandfather on the Internet)!* But when you?re done giggling over the silly stuff, you do need real advice: what does baby need? What equipment works best? And one very good recommendation you?ll hear over and over and over from parents everywhere is: get an Ergobaby Carrier. The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is vastly popular because it?s exceptionally comfortable for both you and your baby. This baby carrier?s ergonomic design places baby?s weight properly between her thighs and hips, eliminating compression of the spine ? which translates to a happy baby who?s quite likely to fall asleep snuggled up close to you. After all, most babies love to be worn in baby carriers, and studies show that babies who are worn frequently cry less. And the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is designed to keep you happy, too. Not only does an Ergo Carrier leave your hands free to attend to your day?s tasks with a happy snoozing or cooing baby snuggled up against you, but it?s supremely comfortable. The secret is in the waist belt: the thick, padded waist belt on this baby carrier works like the support bands that movers and weight lifters use, letting you support your baby?s weight with your hips and shoulders, not your back muscles. Thickly padded shoulder straps complete the Ergobaby formula for comfort, making this baby carrier suitable for all-day use, and enabling you to wear a much heavier child than you might have thought you could. Many parents still use their Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier with older kids ? it can hold up to 40 pounds! Another thing we love about the Ergobaby Carrier is the flexibility it adds to travel. It?s so much easier to navigate an airport with your baby in an Ergo Carrier than in a stroller, and your fellow passengers on buses and subways will thank you for leaving the stroller at home. You can wear your Ergo Carrier on your front, on your hip, or, when baby has the proper neck strength, on your back, allowing you to choose the position that?s the most comfortable for both of you. A sleeping hood is included with the Ergobaby Original Carrier to give baby some shade and privacy for naps on the go; it also helps provide privacy for nursing, and when you?re done, the hood tucks away into an integrated pocket. An additional pocket in the waist section can hold small essentials like your cell phone or your keys. The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is made with soft, brushed 100% cotton, and it can be machine-washed and machine-dried. And it fits a wide range of parents, with a waist belt that expands from 25? to 43?. And finally: the proof is in the reviews! Seasoned parents love this baby carrier, and they love to tell you all about it. Read the reviews, and you?ll realize quickly: when someone tells you that you need an Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier, that?s parenting advice that you can take to the bank. Suggested washing instructions: Use mild detergent on a gentle cycle in the washer and dry until your baby carrier's seams are slightly damp. Spot wash when needed and do not wash frequently. Frequent washing and harsh detergents can cause 100% cotton to break down faster . * Please don?t ever blow cigar smoke into your baby?s ear.
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