Lillebaby CarryOn AIR Toddler Carrier

Lillebaby CarryOn AIR Toddler Carrier
Once your child can reliably get around on her own, her newfound power makes her unpredictable: will she insist on being carried? Will she insist on toddling along on her own little legs, even in places where you?d feel better keeping her more corralled? Will she change her mind in 2 minutes? For this age, a reliable baby carrier is good to keep on hand ? it?s easier than lugging around a stroller you?ll only be using half of the time, and it lets you continue the snuggly closeness of babywearing at an older age. But the baby carrier you loved when your child was little may not be optimal for a larger child, and if that?s the case, you need the Lillebaby CarryOn AIR Toddler Carrier ! Lillebaby carriers are known for superb comfort and weight distribution, and this one adapts those strengths for the needs of bigger, heavier kids. It has a wider, taller torso, so your child can enjoy proper, ergonomic positioning and feel cozily contained while you carry her, whether you carry your kid on your front, hip, or back. The Lillebaby CarryOn AIR Toddler Carrier also boasts Lillebaby?s signature 3D mesh, which provides excellent ventilation for warmer days ? two bodies snuggled together will tend to generate some heat, so airflow is a must! As with other Lillebaby carrier models, this toddler carrier has excellent lumbar support to increase your comfort, maintain healthy posture and alignment, and avoid straining your lower back. It also has 3-way straps that you can wear backpack style or crossed, and dual adjustment buckles to simplify breastfeeding on the go. The wide, padded shoulder straps and 28?-55? adjustable waist belt ensure proper weight distribution so you can carry your kid for hours if you have to! (One reviewer said her kids feel ?weightless? in this carrier, so it IS possible!) The carrier also includes a removable sleeping hood with dual adjustment points so you can perfectly tweak head support, privacy, and sun protection, and two storage pockets for essentials on the go. Use the Lillebaby CarryOn AIR Toddler Carrier for kids ages 12 months and up, weighing 20-60 pounds. It?s made with 3D mesh and 100% cotton, and can be machine washed.
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