NotNeutral Transport Rug 3

NotNeutral Transport Rug 3" x 4" in Sable-Ozone Blue
We developed the transportation related graphics for a primary school (kindergarten and first grade) located in a dense urban area of Los Angeles. The school is adjacent to both commercial and residential districts, and painted graphics and murals are a recurrent theme in this largely Latino area of the city. The graphics became the way-finding precedent by adorning each building with a unique graphic (bicycles, airplanes, cars, etc) that can easily be identified by the kids that are using the schools. Each one of the vehicles was drawn by hand, and though they were scanned and manipulated in the computer, they retain that hand-drawn quality. For use on our products we mixed all of the vehicles up together to create a dynamic pattern. The pattern is available on pillows and rugs.
CATEGORY-> Gifts/Specialty -> Baby/Infant
BRAND-> notneutral
STATUS-> instock

Price: 120.00