Orbit Baby G3 Bassinet Rocker Base

Orbit Baby G3 Bassinet Rocker Base
Like a crowd at a concert, your baby loves to rock ? but just as you might prefer, say, Metallica over Journey, not every baby wants to rock the same way. So we love the versatility of the Orbit Baby G3 Bassinet Rocker Base : this cleverly designed rocker attaches to every Orbit Baby bassinet, stroller seat, and car seat, and allows you to rock your baby from front to back or side to side, so you can find the exact groove that works for you. The 2014 Orbit Baby G3 collection lets you pick out every piece of your baby stroller / car seat / sleep solution separately, so you can select exactly what you need (and leave out what you don?t). So the G3 Rocker Base is no longer included with the G3 Bassinet / Cradle ? instead, it?s available as just one of many fantastic accessory options. Aside from this, it?s the same sleek, stylish, and versatile Orbit Baby Rocker Base: Orbit?s famous SmartHub attachment lets you dock and rotate the Orbit Baby G3 Bassinet, the G3 Stroller Seat, the G3 Infant Car Seat, the G3 Toddler Car Seat, and all G2 seats firmly onto the base, so you can soothe your child at any stage of infancy or toddlerhood. Paired with the Bassinet / Cradle, the Rocker Base creates the perfect sleep environment for infants ? stick it next to your bed at night and your baby is at the perfect level for you to feed and soothe her without having to get out of bed. Included ?rock stops? let you lock the rocker in place so your bassinet stands level. The Orbit Baby G3 Rocker Base also enables a soothing transition from the car or the stroller: just pop the Infant Car Seat off of the Car Seat Base or Stroller Frame and onto the rocker to transition your baby to naptime or bedtime. Or, if you need somewhere comfortable to park your child where she can sit and watch you, dock the Stroller Seat onto the Rocker Base, and she can enjoy toys and snacks on the included Snack Tray. Or, if you?re traveling, you can collapse the Rocker Base down to 3 inches high to save space in your suitcase or car trunk. With the 2014 Orbit Baby G3 collection, your options are endlessly customizable to fit the needs of your lifestyle and your baby, and the G3 Rocker Base is just one of many stylish and versatile options.
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