Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board

Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board
The Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board is a product that takes stroller wheeled boards to the next level. We've always been a fan of this approach to cruising around town with two kiddos on board ? attaching a Buggy Board or other similar product to a stroller frame makes for a simple and convenient way for your toddler to catch a ride when his legs are tired from walking. We loved the Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board from the moment we saw it. Its sturdy wooden construction with non-skid surface is reminiscent of a skateboard, giving it a sleek aesthetic that is unparalleled. The Sidekick conforms to orbitgreen? initiative that Orbit has put forward to keep their products safe and environmentally friendly. All materials used in the Orbit Sidekick are free from PVC and phthalates. Riding handles are included, so your toddler has a place to safely grasp the stroller while riding on the Sidekick. The Orbit Sidekick flips upward when not in use, so you can put it up and out of the way but easily access it when it's needed. The Orbit stroller frame can still fold with the Sidekick attached, so storing everything together is a breeze. And perhaps the best feature? Because the Orbit Sidekick attaches to the side of the Orbit frame, 2 Sidekicks can be connected to your stroller simultaneously, giving you plenty of options for your little passengers. The Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board can hold up to 50 pounds, and fits on all Orbit G2 and G3 stroller frames . With a 2-year limited warranty, the Sidekick can be easily maintained and used for the long haul. Please note: The Orbit Sidekick Stroller Board is not compatible with first generation Orbit products (labeled with model number "ORB801000").
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