Personalized Name Stool

Personalized Name Stool
� Please enter the name you would like on the stool in the "additional info" box in the checkout and double-check spelling for accuracy. At the age of two, your toddler discovered the word ?mine? and suddenly, everything in the world belonged to him. His teddy bear? ?Mine!? His little sister?s doll? ?Mine!? Your iPad? ?Mine! MiiiiIIIIINE!? He?ll grow out of it, we promise, but in the meantime, how about giving him something that genuinely belongs to nobody else? The Personalized Name Stool from Hollow Woodwork is an absolutely unique creation that will delight any child, because it has his name on it! And it will make you happy too, because these beautifully handcrafted stools are also tremendously practical. Each Personalized Name Stool has the child?s name spelled out in removable, rainbow-colored letters that form a personalized puzzle. It?s a fantastic tool for teaching kids their letters and how to spell their name, and we?ve never yet encountered a child who wasn?t enchanted with removing and replacing the letters ? what puzzle is more interesting than one that?s all about you? Furthermore, Hollow Woodwork provides you with the best in materials and workmanship, and it shows: Personalized Name Stools are built to last. Long after your child has moved on from playing with the puzzle or using a stepstool to reach the sink, you?ll find yourself using the Name Stool to reach high shelves. These stools are beautiful family heirlooms that literally last for decades ? so long after your child has passed the toddler stage, he can still proudly say, ?Mine!?
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