Allmax Nutrition AminoCore Blue Raspberry 1000 Grams

Allmax Nutrition AminoCore Blue Raspberry 1000 Grams
100% PURE FERMENTATION-DERIVED PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE 45:30:25 RATIO BCAAs Allmax Nutrition BCAA AMINOCORE If you are not getting enough BCAAs in you diet then Allmax Nutrition has the right product to keep your body funcntioning at an optimal level. The more you trian the more your body is depleted of vital nutrients and vitamins and supplementing your diet with BCAA Aminocore will support your diet and replenish those depleted storages. When you can´t get a sufficient level high-quality protein, or are in a caloric deficit, your body will literally breakdown and feed on your hard earned muscle tissue. AMINOCORE™ is the bodybuilders best friend; close at hand, ridiculously easy-to-mix and most amazingly, absolutely delicious (BCAAs are normally awful tasting!). Best of all with our exclusive Myotrisol™ ¨Instantizing¨ process we´ve made AMINOCORE™ easy-to-drink and delicious... Allmax Nutrition BCAA Aminocore Benefits: Stimulates Muscle Growth Supports Anabolic Growth Promotes Faster Recovery Promotes Lean Muscle Growth Increases anabolic Muscle-Building signaling Reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue during intense workouts Taken during intense training, AMINOCORE™ immediately increases your body s ability to build hard, lean muscle through 2 primary processes: Increases anabolic Muscle-Building signaling Reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue during intense workouts Now, AMINOCORE s proprietary 3-Phase solubility treatment technology called MYOTRISOL™ has turned this extremely high-level of ideal ratio BCAAs into a DELICIOUS & EASILY MIXABLE ANABOLIC POWERHOUSE ready whenever and wherever you are! That s real BCAA supplementation. AMINOCORE Summary     * The research directed dosage of 8,180 mg of all 3 BCAAs in a precise scientifically validated 45% L-Leucine : 30% L-Valine : 25% L-Isoleucine ratio.     * 100 mg of pure KIC which binds to, and deactivates, damaging muscular toxins allowing you to workout longer and harder.*     * A full spectrum of 7 completely unique and powerful forms of protein-synthesis supporting and cellular-energy releasing B3, B6, B9 and B12 Vitamins. Allmax Nutrition BCAA Aminocore Directions: To activate protein synthesis and increase muscle recovery, take 1 serving of AMINOCORE during weight training or any athletic event. On non-training days, AMINOCORE can be taken anytime on an empty stomach. Mix 1 scoop into a 16.9 oz. (500 mL) bottle of water or a tall glass of water (2 cups). Shake or stir well. Take during workouts. Carefully read instructions on box and follow directions before use. Allmax Nutrition BCAA Aminocore Ingredients: Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 9 Grams Servings Per Container: 111 Amount Per Serving: Calories 10 Calories from fat 0 Total Fat 0 0% Total Carbohydrates 0 g 0% Sugars 0 g Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) 20,000 mcg 250% Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI) 6,400 mcg 170% Vitamin B9 BioB9 (as 5-Methyltetrahydrafolate) 840 mcg 105% Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 900 mcg 150%   AMINOCORE [45:30:25] BCAA Myotrophic Matrix 8,180 mg L-Leucine 3,681 mg L-Isoleucine 2,454 mg L-Valine 2,045 mg KIC (Alpha Ketoisocaproic Acid) 100 mg Other Ingredients: Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Natural and Artificial Fruit Punch and Strawberry Flavors. Citric Acid. Allmax Nutrition BCAA Aminocore Side Effects and Warning: Do not take if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age unless prescribed by a health care professional. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing.
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