Allmax Nutrition Citrulline Malate 80 Grams

Allmax Nutrition Citrulline Malate 80 Grams
Allmax Nutrition Citrulline Malate ALLMAX’s Citrulline Malate [2:1] is a premium pharmaceutical grade with 2 L-Citrulline amino acids bound to 1 Malate. Aside from assisting with delivery and absorption, the Malate has a critical function in the TCA (or Krebs) cycle that produces energy within the mitochondria. Specific research has shown a 34% increase in the rate of oxidative ATP, 20% increase in post-exercise phosphocreatine recovery and significant reduction in the sensation of fatigue. Highlights: Increases blood Arginine levels (gram for gram at double the level of Arginine). Increases endothelial Nitric Oxide (NO) levels thereby improving vascular function and blood flow. Improves kidney bicarbonate reabsorption providing a powerful buffer against increasing muscle acidification during intense training. Detoxifies fatigued muscle tissue by removing ammonia (a toxin that can increase 3-fold during intense training). Rapidly replenishes PCr (phospho-creatine) stores, PCr is a key storage of energy muscles tap into. Benefits: Promotes Nitric Oxide Production Supports Vascular Blood Flow Increases ATP Production Reduces Muscle Fatigue Directions:  Take 1 scoop (2g) ALLMAX Citrulline Malate [2:1] twice daily, upon waking and approx. 45 minutes before training or any intense physical activity. On non-training days, consume prior to meals on an empty stomach. Citrulline Malate is highly synergistic with Arginine, Beta-Alanine and Creatine supplementation. Ingredients: Serving Size: (1 Scoop) 2g Servings Per Container40 Citrulline Malate               2 g          † † Daily Value (DV) not established Allergen Warning: Produced in a facility that also handles milk, soy and fish.
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