Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 60 Caps

Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 60 Caps
Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 Black Cats V2 by Applied Nutriceuticals is the ultimate energy pill that you can take safely and daily with no known negative side effects. Black Cats produces similar effects to ephedra products without the crash or dangers of ephedra. Long lasting energy & mental clarity that lasts for hours. Black Cats Version 2 offers More intense workouts. Clearer mental quality. Energy without side effects. Increases moods. Melts off unwanted fat. Tones skin. Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 Benefits: Increases norepinephrine output for intense alertness and mental acuity. Increases release of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL - a fat burning hormone) Smooth, time-released energy for up to 8 hours, with no jitters and no crash. Accelerates your metabolism and elevates BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate - which is the amount of energy (calories) you burn at rest. Longer, more effective workouts Better productivity in work and play Greater energy to complete daily tasks Positive mood enhancement Incinerates body fat Helps tighten skin If you are looking for that missing supplement in your diet/routine Black Cats V2 is a must have, to help you push past your limitations so you can workout harder and more efficiently! Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 Directions: Consume one or two capsules for intense, sustained energy, perferrably 30 minutes before exercise or in the morning. Start with the lower recommended to assess tolerance. Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 Ingredients: Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats V2 Side Effects: Make sure to assess tolerance due to the caffeine. Before consuming this product we recommend you consult with a physician to avoid any complications.  
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