Applied Nutriceuticals NeoVar 110 Caps

Applied Nutriceuticals NeoVar 110 Caps
Applied Nutriceuticals NeoVar 110 Caps NeoVar is a blend of strength and recovery-boosting compounds (creatine monohydrate and creatine phosphate) plus potent nutrient repartitioners that work synergistically to give you voluminous pumps and muscle volume that no product ever has been able to do. Within the first few uses you’ll notice your muscles are becoming noticeably fuller, vascular and more defined. The more carbohydrates you eat, the harder you work out, the better NeoVar works! Benefits The Mono/PCr Complex in NeoVar is precisely proportioned to the naturally occurring human skeletal intramuscular creatine pool. Clucovar/adenylate Cyclase Sensitization Complex improves creatine transport into muscle cells. Maximizes the nutrient uptake into your muscle cells. No bloating Directions Suggested Dosage: (Take with carbohydrates). Body Weight (lbs.): Up to 150, Divided Doses (2x a day): 2 capsules (4 daily); Body Weight (lbs.): 150-250, Divided Doses (2x a day): 3 capsules (6 daily); Body Weight (lbs.): 250 and up, Divided Doses (2x a day): 4 capsules (8 daily). Take immediately post-workout with carbohydrates, preferably sugars. Take second dose with any other meal throughout the day containing carbohydrates. Warnings Consult with a physician before starting any supplement regimen. Ingredients                  
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