Best Belts Dip Belt Suede

Best Belts Dip Belt Suede
Best Belts Dip Belt Suede  Best Belts has been designing weightlifting and Powerlifting belts for over 30 years. Before any belt is shipped it is completely inspected and checked at many points to insure absolute quality. With the amount of weight being lifted increasing and the number of people training with weights going up they wanted to put in the powerlifter s hand a belt that would stand up to world record attempts. To the weight lifter training to stay fit we want to have the belt for him to make his lifting safer and the support to reach his lifting goals. They have looked at the needs of the real lifting world and designed belts to meet those needs from the ground up. For all intended applications they have a belt. Try one on and you will see for yourself what 30 years of experience in manufacturing and design has done to the Best Belt .  Highlights: Dip Belt Benefits: Supports the Lower Back during exercise 
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Body Building/Fitness
BRAND-> Best Belts -> BESTDIP
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Price: 39.99