Betancourt Nutrition Aminos 320 Tablets

Betancourt Nutrition Aminos 320 Tablets
Nitrogen balance. Lean Muscle. Muscle Repair. Free Form Amino Acids For A Higher Absorption Rate. Promote Muscle Growth & Reduce Muscle Wasting. Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Aminos. Good Manufacturing Practice. Consistent Quality. GMP. 1925mg per serving. 320 Tablets. Amino Acid Supplements Effective In Increasing Muscle Performance. This study examined 10 weeks of resistance training and the ingestion of supplemental protein and amino acids on muscle performance and markers of muscle anabolism. Nineteen untrained males were randomly assigned to supplement groups containing either 20g dextrose placebo ingested 1h before and after exercise for a total of 40g/d. Participants exercised 4 times/wk using 3 sets of 6-8 repetitions at 85-90% of the one repetition maximum. Data were analyzed with two-way ANOVA (p
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