Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush Chewies Kiwi Strawberry 175 Tabs

Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush Chewies Kiwi Strawberry 175 Tabs
Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Chewies 175 Tabs Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Chewies is a potent pre-workout that contains ingredients to boost natural testosterone levels resulting in enhanced performance. Bullnox contains an advanced formula that stimulates anabolism leading to accelerated muscle growth.  Highlights: Bullnox Chewies is the world s first pre-workout testosterone-nitric oxide (NOX) intensifying chewable formula. Bullnox is the only formula of its kind built with a Super-Set structure whose effects are intended to auto-adjust and amplify with each set that you perform.  Benefits: Immediatey androgenic stimulation: Support androgen levels as you train; Lasting neuro-emotive energy: Unbeatable strength-endurance: Extended increases in arginine and NO levels Directions: As a dietary supplement, thoroughly chew and swallow 1 serving (5 tablets) with a glass of water 30 minutes before your workout on an empty stomach.  Store in dry place at room temperature (68-77°F or 20-25°C). Ingredients: Supplement Facts Serving Size:       5 Tablets Servings Per Container: 35 Amount per Serving Calories Total     55    from Fat            5 Amount per Serving       % Daily Value+ Total Fat               0.5 g      Sodium 10 mg   <1 Total Carbohydrate         3.5 g      Amount per Serving Bullnox Chewies Pre-Workout Formula 6585 mg* Creatine Monohydrate L Creatine AKG  Di Creatine Malate          Beta Alanine      Taurine Glucuronolactone            Caffeine               Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract Maca      Pausinystalia yohimbe Std. to 8% Yohimbine Bark             Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract 10:1 Bark Extract           Tribulus Terrestris Extract Std. to 40% Saponins  Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) Extract Std. to 40% Icariins            L Leucine             L Valine                L Isoleucine        Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)          Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)            L Histidine           L Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate  L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate                L Citrulline           L Arginine Pyroglutamate             Co Enyzme Q10 Salix Babylonica (White Willow) Bark Extract Std. to 15% Salicin   Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract Std. to 50% Caffeine           Citrus Aurantium Extract Std. to 6% Synephrines               Vinpocetine       * Daily Value not established. + Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Citric Acid, Stearic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, FD&C Red 40 Aluminum Lake, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose
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