Betancourt Nutrition Deprogen Ars 60 Capsules

Betancourt Nutrition Deprogen Ars 60 Capsules
Betacourt Nutrition s Deprogen Ars (anti-aromatase) is designed for athletes/bodybuilders at the highest level of competition who must maintain healthy hormone levels as they undergo metabolic stress from strenuous exercise. Deprogen Ars is also effective for athletes looking to modulate hormone levels after competitions or periods of intense training. The ingredients used in Deprogen Ars are based on human studies that are all as recent as 2007. 7 methxyflavanone – flavones have shown aromatase inhibition for years in research. The methylated flavones have shown to be more bio available. Boron-free testosterone increased in humans after boron supplementation. Indole 3 carbinol- reduces estrogen levels in humans. Di-indolyl methane-metabolizes estrogen in humans.
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