Beverly International Multi Enzymes 100 Tabs

Beverly International Multi Enzymes 100 Tabs
Beverly International Multi Enzyme Complex 100 Tabs One Of The Most Important But Neglected Parts Of Nutrition! 100 Servings! All of the body s chemical reactions, which occur in all cells every second of our lives, are directed by enzymes. These split all foods into small bits that can be absorbed through the intestinal wall. After these are absorbed, more enzymes either fashion themselves into the kind of protein your body requires or stores itself for future use. Enzymes are also instrumental in breaking down proteins as a source of energy. Clearly, enzymes play a substantial part in a solid nutrition program. Ingredients & Nutrition Facts Container Size: 100 tablets Serving Size: 1 tablet Servings Per Container: 100 Amount per tablet: Betaine Hydrochloride 180mg Pepsin 40mg Papain 50mg Ox Bile 120mg Pancreatin 60mg Mycozyme 60mg Directions & Dosage Take 1 tablet daily for general digestive support. For hard gainers Take 1-3 tablets with each meal or protein shake. Often Beverly s Multiple Enzyme Complex is the missing link to jumpstarting your bodybuilding progress.
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