Biotest Tribex 74 Tabs

Biotest Tribex 74 Tabs
Biotest Tribex 74 Tabs Biotest Tribex is a potent, natural testosterone booster.  Testosterone plays a vital role in helping to build size and strength, improve sex drive, decrease body fat, and enhance mood.  Tribex is a natural alternative to taking steroids or prohormones, and offers many of the same benefits on a smaller scale, and without all the nasty side effects.   Tribex can help the average user gain 5-10 pounds of muscle within two months, in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.  There are no banned substances in Tribex, but blood tests may reveal increased levels of testosterone.   Biotest Tribex 74 Tabs Benefits • Increased Size and Strength • Decreased Body Fat • Natural Alternative to Steroids • Improved Sex Drive Directions Take twice a day on an empty stomach, with plenty of water. Take one to two tablets before breakfast, and one to two tablets approximately eight hours later. Cycle as directed above. Never take more than six tablets per day.
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