Clif Bar Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie 12-Box

Clif Bar Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie 12-Box
Clif Bar 12/Box Clif Bars are organic energy bars that are both delicious and convenient.  Life is hectic and it can be difficult to find nutritious meals when you are on the go all the time.  Clif Bars contain simple and complex carbs, protein, and healthy doses of vitamins and minerals to provide nutrition that supports sustained energy.  Outdoor athletes like hikers, bikers, and mountain climbers are often found nibbling on a Clif Bar for energy. Clif Bar 12/Box Benefits • Provides Sustained Energy • Simple and Complex Carbs • 10 Grams of Protein/Bar • 70% Organic Ingredients Directions Enjoy a Clif Bar next time you need a delicious, convenient snack, that provides sustained energy.
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