CTD Labs BCAA 3750 180 Tabs

CTD Labs BCAA 3750 180 Tabs
CTD Labs BCAA 3750 - Muscle, Strength, Performance & Recovery CTD Labs BCAA 3750 is a performance enhancing supplement designed to fullfil the essential intake of Branch Chained Amino Acids. BCAA is the perfect supplement for increased muscular performance and recovery with ingredients that aid in delivering vital nutrients to the muscles and additional areas. These ingredients are specifically designed to enhance muscle growth and recovery taking your performance to the next level. With an icrease in muscle recovery, protein synthesis and acclerated lean muscle growth BCAA will help you achieve all of your fitness goals. Benefits: The ingredients in BCAA 3750 are designed to support: Enhanced Muscle Recovery Increased Protein Synthesis Improves Strength and Endurance Reduces Muscular Fatigue and Breakdown Promotes an Anabolic Environment   Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets before excercise and 3 tablets after excercise. Additional servings can be taken between meals to enhance benefits. Ingredients:
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