CTD Labs Liver Armor 180 Caps

CTD Labs Liver Armor 180 Caps
CTD Labs Liver Armor 180 Caps CTD Labs Liver Armor contains potent ingredients that target replenishing the liver with proper nutrients for adequate liver support. This high quality liver support formula aids in improving the function of the liver that has been negatively impacted by either poor nutrition or repariing the body after a cycle of liver toxic supplements. CTD Labs Liver Armor is an effective liver detoxifcation supplement that provides the proper daily antioxidant and nutrient needs maintaining optimal physical and mental functions. Benefits: Improves Liver Function and Health Potent Liver Detoxification Supplement Promotes Proper Hepatic Functions for optimal waste elimination Provides Essential Nutrienst for Liver Health Improves overall health and energy levels Directions: As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules twice per day, preferably with meals. Ingredients:
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