CTD Labs Noopept Cherry 50 Oral Dissolve Tablets

CTD Labs Noopept Cherry 50 Oral Dissolve Tablets
CTD Labs Noopept Cherry 50 Oral Dissolve Tablets CTD Labs has engineered a new strand of supplements that offer increased focus and mental performance that will have you functioning at a higher level. Noopept falls under the category Nootropics meaning that they focus on improving the functions of the body through neurological measures. Nootropics are fairly new and little research has been done to find evidence that displays the positive impact on exercise such as weight lifting and similar activities. Many experts praise the benefits of Nootropics and would recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their physical performance. While supplementing with Noopept you will notice a deeper focus and the ability to maintain high levels of cognitive function and concentration. With Enhanced mental performance you body is able to use the mind to muscle connection to promote an anabolic environment. Noopept will put you in the right cognitive mode to performance at your best physical ability. With a proper diet and exercise routing you will notice an increase in performance as well as a transformation in physique. CTD Labs Noopept Benefits: increase focus/motivation increase creativity improve mood  reduce stress CTD Labs Noopept Ingredients: The primary ingredient is 10mg of N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester. Noopept is an oral dissolve tablet, and comes in a 50 tablet container in cherry flavor. CTD Labs Noopept Directions: Ttake one (1) tablet three (3) times daily. Break up tablet into several pieces and place under tongue to allow the tab to fully dissolve. CTD Labs Noopept Side Effects and Warning: None evident at this time, we recommend consulting with a physician to avoid any complications.
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