Abcs Of The Bible

Abcs Of The Bible
This exciting children's worship program is built to be fun and effective at teaching children God's word. Providing both repetition and fun helps children learn and retain more, making the Bible more "real life" for them. The ABC's of the Bible is based on familiar routine each week, consisting of a story, discussion, craft, weekly Bible verse, snack, worship, and prayer. There's no other product as all-encompassing as The ABC's of the Bible. Your children will learn a new Bible character and verse each week. Offering 52 weeks' worth of lessons and materials all on a bonus CD-Rom, this program has it all. It's a versatile program that can be used for children's church, Sunday school, and even the ABC Home School Kindergarten market as well. As a teacher or director, you'll never be out of ideas, and as children, they'll never be out of Bible-centered fun!
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