Beckwood Brae

Beckwood Brae
Norri is a young man of barely twenty. He gathers the nuts of the enormous Orkya trees that are a much sought after delicacy. But he hasnt done very well since his father disappeared in the forest some years back.His trips to the tavern at the end of the week to roast orkya nuts are bittersweet. There is a girl that works there, yet he misses his father who taught him his trade.Norri is first to encounter a creature of fear and legend in the forest. He and his friends Tom, Brian and Gordy are sent back into the Fornvelt to search for their enemies and find how they have come into their little country, normally considered safe and secluded behind the Alps.They succeed. Early one morning Norri wakes thinking he has heard voices and climbs into the trees to investigate. The Corrii are following a stream that will bring them upon his sleeping friends. Norri uses his bow against the grimulves but the Corrii soldiers climb the tree to exact revenge. He is saves by a warrior of the Driadora.The story divides with the separation of the four friends.Norri ends up on a journey under the mountains, is caught, accused of being a spy and he is taken north to Corriamar for interrogation.Tom, Brian and Gordy awake to find Corrii soldiers coming out of the ground very near to their camp. They race them to their village and raise the alarm. A desperate battle to save the village is followed by an almost disastrous journey north to join the defense of their capital city, Pinitera, against a Corrii armada that is poised to invade.In the dungeons of the spy masters of the covens, Norri sees the broken old figure of a man whom he recognises. He speaks a word, unknowingly fulfilling the prophecy that has led him to exactly this time and place.Something breaks in the great spell that the Coven Masters and the Empress use to control the empire. Empress Entileides is killed when her supposedly, murdered husband returns; her own spell turns against her and the power of the Jungari, the spirits of darkness fails. The greatest of the Archgrimulves, Riok is slain and those of the masters, who survive, flee into hiding with the return of the old emperor.Meanwhile, Cair Neren, the last castle to hold out against the invaders, is overrun by the dogsoldiers and is about to fall when an army, shrouded in secrecy and with unexpected help, appears out of hiding and falls upon the invaders and their fienddogs. Tom,Brian,Gordy and the survivors come out of the castle to find that they have bee
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