Believing The Dream 2

Believing The Dream 2
A passion for writing has burned brightly in Thorliff Bjorklund's heart for as long as he can remember. But college life is not as he had imagined, and he finds himself longing for things familiar and for the nurture of family and friends back home in North Dakota. Time and distance have created a rift between Thorliff and Anji Baard, his childhood sweetheart. The only bright spot in his life is his job at the newspaper. When summer arrives, things are looking up at school, but Thorliff must return home and confront his faltering relationship with Anji. He wonders if he'll find the bonds of love sitll strong, or if this dream will end in heartbreak. For Elizabeth Rogers, marriage seems out of the question. Sicne learning that her mother died giving birth to her, Elizabeth has determined to become a doctor in order to save the lives of other women in childbbirth. To appease her stepmother, who is pressuring her to give up her education and to marry and have children, Elizabeth forms a secret alliance with Thornton Wickersham. When Thrnton breaks his promise, Elizabeth is forced to make a painful decision. Contents: 33 Chapters In 320 Pages
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