Boz the Bear- Jesus and Me: Boz's Big Book Of Bible Fun

Boz the Bear- Jesus and Me: Boz's Big Book Of Bible Fun
Jesus is BOZ's friend and He is ours too! Little ones find out all about Him in this Big Book of Bible Fun! This preschool activity book is jam-packed with fun things to do and learn. From matching, identifying, games, coloring, mazes, opposites, shapes, cut-outs, stickers, and more, to everything you want to know about Jesus He's a friend, a teacher, and a gift from God to the whole world there's lots of things to do with siblings, friends, or even alone. And BOZ and friends are right here on every page to introduce youngsters to character and values concepts too. And there's more! BOZ has something for grownups too: special pages of Bible stories, scripture verses, prayers, and teaching tips you can use to guide your preschooler toward faith and fun! Everybody's here BOZ and all his friends so grab some crayons and let's get started! This Big Book is versatile enough to use at home or in small groups.
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