Brink Of Death Book One

Brink Of Death Book One
Book one of the new edge-of-your-seat Hidden Faces series, featuring forensic artist Annie Kingston Annie Kingston moves to Grove Landing for safety and quiet_and finds herself face to face with evil. The noises, faint, fleeting, whispered into her consciousness like wraiths in the night. Twelve-year-old Erin Willit opened her eyes to darkness lit only by the dim green nightlight near her closet door and the umbra of a street lamp through her front window. She felt her forehead wrinkle, the fingers of one hand curl as she tried to discern what had awakened her. Something was not right. An oak tree lifted gnarled branches between the street lamp and her window, its leaves casting eerie spider-shadows across the far wall. When she'd been younger, Erin had asked that a small lamp on the desk by that wall be left on at night. Anything to dispel the jerking dances of those leaves. Lately she could watch the dark trembling across the posters of pop stars on her wall and be unafraid. But not tonight. On this night the shadows writhed and twitched. Erin listened . . . When Annie's neighbor, Lisa Willit, is killed by an intruder in her home, Sheriff's detectives are left with little evidence. Lisa's daughter, Erin, saw the killer, but she's too traumatized to give a description. The detectives grow desperate. Because of her background in art, Annie is asked to question Erin and draw a composite. But Annie knows little about forensic art or the sensitive interview process. A nonbeliever, she finds herself begging God for help. What if her lack of experience leads Erin astray? The detectives could end up searching for a face that doesn't exist. Leaving the real killer free to stalk the neighborhood . . .
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