Childs Garden Of Prayer

Childs Garden Of Prayer
Prayer is a powerful gift that children readily learn and enjoy. From the time they can fold their hands and recite memorized phrases, children can pray. Teaching prayers is the first step in the Christian family's life-long commitment to religious education and living as faithful children of God. And for many children, saying prayers is the way they begin to learn to participate in the divine service. This book combines classic prayers with practical applications to help young children visualize how prayer applies to all aspects of daily life. In addition, it shows children how the prayer that Jesus taught us is the model for all prayer. A Child's Garden of Prayer provides them with prayers for all occasions that they can read or commit to memory for a lifetime. This book will help children learn a variety of prayers including the Lord's Prayer, common table prayer, Luther's morning and evening prayers, hymns and poems, and many more (50 prayers in all).
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