Church Folk

Church Folk
A satisfying addition to African American fiction with Christian themes.--Publisher's Weekly It is the early 1960s and there isn't a mother in Charleston, Mississippi who wouldn't like to have Theophilus Henry Simmons as her son-in-law. He's young, single, sexy and just about the finest black man most of them have ever seen. He's also a pastor. But, when he courts and then decides to make Essie Lee Lane his First Lady, a few of the church folk decide that it is their job to show the new bride how little she knows about them and about being the wife of the Pastor. As Theophilus gains prominence in his denomination, Essie evolves from a quiet parishioner to an independent and Godly woman. Sporting and Afro and driving her new purple Cadillac, Essie finally shows all of the church folk what it means to stand by your man and your beliefs.
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