Dream Of Love 3

Dream Of Love 3
In this third and final book in the series, the Davidson family continues to help slaves to freedom as conductors on the Underground Railroad. With one son, Seth, a war photographer for a newspaper in the North and their other son, Thomas, fighting for the Confederacy, Richmond and Carolyn pray for both sons' safety. Meanwhile, the Davidsons are in financial trouble and are about to lose their land. Cherity Waters has the ability to help them, but when she discovers Seth, the man she hoped to marry, with his old girlfriend, Cherity jumps to conclusions and questions the integrity of the entire Davidson family. Meanwhile, the dangerous past of their mysterious neighbor, Mr. Brown, begins to intertwine with their own lives. As the turbulence of the Civil War disrupts a nation, will one family be able to survive intact as they seek God's will?
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