Eleventh Hour 1 Repack

Eleventh Hour 1 Repack
Prussia, 1937 Baron von Dortmann cares for his family with the same passion and devotion with which he tends the roses in his beloved garden. He brings his beautiful daughter, Sabina, to the garden and through his stories, teaches her his wonderful life lessons about God, creation, and love. Already she has caught the eye of the young American, Matthew, and their neighbors' son, Gustav. Amid the placid rhythms of his life, the baron looks over his estate with both a father's and a gardener's eyes. Unfortunately, he is not the only one watching. . . . Suddenly a storm sweeps over neighboring Poland-the thunder and lightening of the German blitzkrieg-and it will change the Dortmann's life forever. The baron will be left with a most difficult decision. Sabina will be left with the secret of the rose
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