Gates Of Neptune 2

Gates Of Neptune 2
After a harrowing escape from the army of the Sanhedrin, Joshus Adams and his six young companions are thrust into yet another battle against Elams, Chief Interrogator of the Sanhedrin and sevant of the dark Lord Necros. Fulfilling the legend of old, the Seven Sleepers seek to follow their spiritual leader Goel's instructions and are led into a most beautiful and frightening part of Nuworld. The evil Lord Necros is in control of most of the land; now he desires to conquer it all, even the cities under the sea! Josh and his friends are asked to help fight in the battle to save the lost city of Atlantis, but they must face unbelievable odds: the seven of them against an army of traitors and an ocean of terrifying creatures. Contents: 1. Out Of The Frying Pan 2. Friend-or Foe? Faith 3. A Step Of Faith 4. The Lost City Of Atlantis 5. Council Of War 6. Sarah's Visitor 7. The Quest 8. First Skirmish 9. "Kill All The Sleepers!" 10. Monsters Of The Deep 11. If I Were King 12. Wash's High Hour 13. To The Gates Of Neptune 14. Betrayed 15. Perilous Journey 16. The Strongest Force Of All 17. What Next?
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