Greenstones 4

Greenstones 4
Merryn, the ailing daughter of Beechtown's brewmaster, is betrayed by her own kin after her father mysteriously disappears. Sold into slavery, she is captured by a band of notorious outlaws who haunt the Forest of Fellglade's hydra-infested swamps. Beyond death's door, she finds wholeness in a nameless Friend. After meeting Andil of the Wood, Merryn is thrust into another world where she finds clues to her puzzling past. To deliver many innocent lives from an ancient curse, she must undergo a dreadful baptism and confront the king of the marsh dragons. In laying down her life for others, she discovers the life she was born to lead. The Greenstones will take readers on a dizzying journey into the realms of life and death, love lost and love rediscovered.
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