Hadassah One Night Tp

Hadassah One Night Tp
A POWERFUL FICTION DEBUT! A gripping action-adventure story, full of political intrigue and suspense, with a brand-new perspective on a historical figure you may think you already know! BOTH A PALACE THRILLER AND A JEWISH WOMAN'S MEMOIR, 'Hadassah' brings the age-old story of Esther to life. This historically accurate novel layered with fresh insights provides a fascinating twist on a pivotal time in religious history, and readers will find it bursting with page-turning drama. Contents: 1. Hadassah Kesselman 2. Haman, Son Of Hammedatha 3. Hadassah, Daughter Of Abihail 4. Xerxes, Son Of Darius 5. Esther, Queen Of Persia 6. Mordecai, Son Of Jair 7. Hadassah Ben Yuda
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