If Jesus Came To Visit Me

If Jesus Came To Visit Me
First-time CandyCane Press author Jill Roman Lord has created a little book of simple words to explain a complex concept to toddlers: that of a living Jesus who cares about them in their everyday lives. When Jesus comes to the front door, the toddlers in the story invite him in, offer him tea, take him to the playground, and pass the time with Jesus as they might playing with their friends. But within the story are deeper truths, as a child in the story asks, "And was it fun to heal the sick/but hard to move that stone?" Or when a child says, "I'd want to give him something so/that he'd remember me./He's given me so much so far,/and all of it was free!" Throughout the book, the image of Jesus is one of friend as well as one of Lord.
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