Life Everlasting

Life Everlasting
Patricia St. John was not a typical English girl, from her earliest days her life was different to say the least! She was almost born in a storm at sea, moved around Europe as a child and was a young woman as bombs fell on London during the second World War. As a young nurse, in the middle of mayhem, her heart ached for an answer to the question Why? She found her answers in her Bible. Having found her own peace, do you think she opted for a bit of peace and quiet no! She left the security of post-war London on the back of her brother s motorcycle and headed for the dusty deserts of Northern Morocco as a medical missionary. The tough life in an alien culture strengthened her faith and she wrote down her experiences as a series of stories using each theme of the Apostles Creed. Life Everlasting is a collection of these stories. Patricia was an excellent storyteller - her novel, Treasures of the Snow, was turned into a major movie! These stories make an excellent devotional book for young and old alike. Good stories and good teaching that could sum up both Patricia s life and writing. Patricia found that the creed was a great influence in her conversations with Muslims. Living your life by it is a key to living a fulfilled life. How does the Apostles Creed end? and life everlasting -isn t that what we are really searching for?
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