Lilys In London

Lilys In London
This new four-book fiction series sends Lily out to travel the world. As Lily enters the eighth grade, it's time for her to venture beyond Cedar Hills Middle School and Burlington, New Jersey, to see how her newly learned spiritual/life lessons translate outside of America. As usual, God's timing is perfect. Lily's father, an English professor who has recently published a successful book on C.S. Lewis, has been invited to spend a year at Magdalen College at Oxford University as a visiting fellow. His family will go along. Between Dr. Robbins' promotion and his royalties, the Robbins family is doing well financially, and they are anxious to share God's blessings, so Lily's mom, a high school PE teacher, has offered various missionaries her services to help them establish health/fitness programs for young people in their countries. Every other month during their year in England, Mrs. Robbins, Lily, and her brother, Joe, will travel to a different country and spend a month there. The kids are being home schooled, so they'll have plenty of opportunities to meet kids of other nationalities and get into sufficient mischief with its accompanying life lessons. In her travels, Lily is secretly searching for how she's supposed to do the God-thing. She has a relationship with God, but the minute she arrives in Oxford, she realizes the possibilities for walking her spiritual path are far more varied than she'd ever dreamed. Lily experiences a chain of adventures that teach her how to make her relationship with God an adventure as well. The book will be peppered with letters from the Girlz-Reni, Zooey, Kresha, and Suzy.
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