Love Finds You Valentine Nebra

Love Finds You Valentine Nebra
A thoroughly modern young woman is drawn into an ancient feud that has nothing to do with heror so she thinks. When Kennedy Blaine inherits Circle Cross Ranch in Valentine, Nebraska, her first impulse is to sell it. Her second impulse is to travel to Valentine, a town that seems to have come right out of the pages of an old western and visit the ranch.Kennedy finds herself charmed by the ranchand by its attractive manager, Gage Sterling. She questions her decision to sell Circle Cross, especially when her cousin, Smith Blaine, mysteriously conceals the identity of the person who wants to buy it.But when Kennedy decides to spend the summer in her ancestral home, shes subjected to a series of harassments. When Kennedy and Gage try to discover whos behind the offenses, theyre drawn into a feud that just might divide the townand place Kennedys own life in danger.We added a touch of romance to the Summerside way of life and our new inspirational fiction series was born. Its that spirit of discovery and adventure that makes the Love Finds You regional romance series so compelling.Love Finds You is a series of fulllength romance novels that give readers a peek into the flavor of local life across the United States. The novels are uniquely named after actual American towns with quirky, interesting names that inspire romance and are just plain fun! This means that each fictional story draws on the compelling history or unique character of a real place.Our fresh, original love stories will feature everything from romance kindled in small towns, to old loves lost and found on the high plains, to new loves discovered at exciting vacation getaways.Love Finds You promises to deliver the best of escape, travel and romance, all in one inspirational fiction package.
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