Love That Is Blind

Love That Is Blind
Love that is Blind paints a vivid picture of the contrast between judgment and grace, revealing not only the way of mercy but the absolute necessity of the Cross. Jesus had to atone not only for our sins but He had to provide the power we need to walk in newness of life. While clues interlock to reveal the identity of a missing heiress, the characters grapple with the question How can shame ever embrace purity or the arms of righteousness enfold a sinful heart? Love that is Blind focuses on bringing this generation into a personal encounter with Jesus as they see His passion unfold for people battling through external and internal conflicts just like them.Relegated to a world of blindness, Cora Abrams refuses to live in hatred of the neoNazis gang that stole her sight seven years ago. Instead she longs to thank the gang member who rescued her.Unknown to her, Rye Tyler is now her young uncles detective partner and their paths intersect as Caleb and Rye search for a missing heiress. Drawn to the incredible purity and peace in Cora, Rye wrestles with his deepening desire for her and the heavy weight of guilt he carries because of his former lifestyle.Intensely passionate about Gods moral code, Caleb bars Rye from pursuing a relationship with Cora while struggling against his own attraction to Arianna, a teen hungry for a love that will satisfy.The four friends differing passions interlock, culminating in an intense battle for hope and forgiveness as two worlds collide.
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