Mermaid In The Basement

Mermaid In The Basement
Serafina Trent is a young widow who is living with her parents and young son in the family manor in Victorian England. Her twenty-something year old brother becomes obsessed with an actress at a local playhouse, a real coquette who strings men along and is a consummate flirt. He falls for her hard and when she finally rejects him, he gets angry and in front of a crowd of people, he threatens her life. She ends up dead the next morning. While the brother seems the most obvious suspect, we learn there are others who may have wanted her dead, and so begins the hunt to find the killer. Serafina takes it upon herself to solve this crime, as she is adept at logical deduction, a trait she inherited from her scientist father. Time and a thorough investiagation by Serafina will reveal the true killer - but will it be too late?
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