My Adventures with Spider-Man - 8x11 Hard Cover Book

My Adventures with Spider-Man - 8x11 Hard Cover Book
Get ready for an adventure with Spider-Man! My Adventures with Spider-Man is a unique book that inserts your child and their name into the story! Your son or daughter along with Peter Parker are given an assignment from the Daily Bugle. What's their task? To track down Spider-Man and discover his true identity! As your child and Peter walk down 5th avenue, they get caught right in the middle of a bank robbery. Doc Ock is getting away with bags of cash when swinging from the rooftops comes Spider-Man to save the day! When ordering, simply enter your child's first and last name. The name will appear in the book exactly as written, including uppercase and lowercase letters. Their first and last name will appear on the title page, but only their first name will appear throughout the rest of the story.
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