On The Way 3-9S Book 1

On The Way 3-9S Book 1
We would all like our lesson plans on the Christian faith to be easier to prepare, balanced and effective. Do you also want your lessons to encourage children to view the Bible as a fascinating guide, utterly relevant to their lives? TNT have developed 'On the Way' to be all that and more... Edited by David Jackman, On the Way has been tested in over 50 churches throughout the world. With the complete series, you will have all you need to give your children from age 3 - 9 a comprehensive insight to the Bible's teaching. Lessons include: Creation, Abraham, and Jacob. Benefits of On the Way: Undated material Encourages leaders to study the Bile for themselves 3 age related activities Chronological approach to teaching the Bible Suitable for use in Sunday Schools, Homeschooling or as part of your Christian syllabus. 'Biblical ignorance is a plague not only in the land but in the churches. This material will cure the problem by giving the children firm foundations in scriptural knowledge from their earliest years.'< Dick Lucas, St Helens Church, London<
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