Pete & Pillar-The Big Rain

Pete & Pillar-The Big Rain
Pete (a mighty diesel truck) and PIllar (a bulldozer) were best friends...which may seem odd because everybody knows that haulers don't talk to diggers. But they didn't care what others thought. They were best friends anyway. As they worked side by side their friendship grew until one day it was tested in a big way. When a major thunderstorm threatens to flood the village, Pete and Pillar realize something must be done - and fast! While Pillare is busily scooping bouders onto the bank to stop the flow of water, he looks up and finds Pete missing. Wondering how is friend could leave him at such a critical time, Pillar follows Pete's muddy tracks in order to find him. He finally finds Pete, and Pete needs help! Now it was up to Pillar to save his best friend. Could he do it?
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