Really Big Book Of Bible Story Coloring Pages W-CD

Really Big Book Of Bible Story Coloring Pages W-CD
Bound-in searchable CD-ROM contains all materials Provides a balance of Old and New Testament Bible story coloring pages Bible story printed on back of each coloring page for easy use by teachers or parents Over 158 coloring pages Bonus: CD-ROM contains an additional 34 coloring pages Flexible for use in a variety of situations (second hour, mid week, Sunday School, home, Christian school) Kids love to color. So why not use what they love to convey biblical truths that will stay with them for a long time to come? The Really Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages offers teachers and parents a treasure trove of great Bible stories with fun and easy-to-use Bible coloring pages. These lively pages will be a wonderful enrichment of your childrens Sunday School or mid-week experience. They can also be used as a fun warmup as children arrive or a helpful quiet time activity before they leave for the day. Not just coloring pages, the illustrations to color reinforce the kid-appropriate Bible story on the other side! Teachers will appreciate the bound-in searchable CD-ROM, which makes planning easy and quick. Kids will enjoy hearing the story, which goes with the coloring page, and sharing it with their families.
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